Dance Programs

Creative Movement for Toddlers

Following a 45-minute class that engages toddlers to age appropriate movements, imagination and motor development activities. This our experiential learning for tots through free exploration activities, sensory games and circle dances.

Hip Hop

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes help your child unlock their natural groove. Move to slow and fast beats of music through “pop, lock, groove, house, funk and pop”. Let them loosen up and discover the basic moves of old school to new school dance moves.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

A specialized, but inclusive dance class for people with individual learning differences and other special needs. This incorporates evidence based practices from sensory integration, applications to physical skills and behavioural strategies. Applicable to people of all ages and capabilities.


Following the AL-gilbert Tap Dance Syllabus, this program provides exercises that introduce basic steps such as shuffle, hop, toe back, step, ball change, dig and marches.


Following the Jazz Addict Australasia syllabus, this program provides
each student with solid technical training, performance training and the platform to create, achieve and grow as a dance artist.

Acrobatic Arts

A unique blend of dancing and gymnastic discipline wherein moves from gymnastics are integrated with steps and routines from the dance world for a unique and modern approach to dance.


A fusion of basic gymnastics and cheerleading that also helps in the mastery of the basic stunts and cheerleading positions. Body awareness, discipline, and working as a team are also developed in this program.

Dance Hall

Jam to the hits of famous dance music videos of your favourite artists. This is a fun and dynamic improvisation of moves that will challenge your child’s precision and coordination.

Adult Fitness

A fun and individualized approach with tailored exercise programs and recreational activities. Line of genres include Zumba and ballroom.